Frequently Asked Questions

1) How much does Sherman Wealth charge for it’s services?
Brad Sherman believes that investment advice should be transparent, and conflict free. In keeping with this mission we charge a small fee rather than commission on most of our products. While every client’s needs are different, typically this fee is around one percent of assets under management.

If you believe that you may need someone to help with your finances, call Brad today. He will be glad to go over all fees with you, and help you come up with a financial plan.

2) How often do you meet with your clients?
Brad generally likes to meet with clients once a year in person as well as make quarterly phone calls with them to go over their portfolios and any major life changes that have occurred. In some cases it may be necessary for you to speak with Brad at more frequent and irregular occasions. If this is the case, feel free to give Brad a call any time!

3) How much money do I need to invest to work with Sherman Wealth?
Unlike many larger firms, Sherman Wealth believes that all investors should be able to have access to sound, independent advice. Not everyone needs financial planning in their life yet, but many who need it never receive it.

Call Brad today to find out if Sherman Wealth Management is right for you. Brad is more than happy to provide initial consultation to all investors free of charge.

4) Do you provide tax reporting?
We do not provide tax reporting services, but will be glad to provide any documentation or paperwork necessary for you to complete your taxes. The necessary documentation is provided through our custodians Pershing and NFS. If needed Brad will also be more than happy to refer you to an accountant who can help you.

5) Why can’t I find client reviews on your website?
Sherman Wealth keeps all information related to an individual’s finances, or personal life, confidential. Finances are a very personal matter for many people and Brad does not want to disclose this information without the client’s permission.

Additionally because past performance is not indicative of future returns, Brad does not want to imply that investors should expect to receive the same returns as many of his current clients have had.

Brad currently has no complaints with either the Better Business Bureau, or FINRA.

6) Can I view my account online?
We have a secure portal through our website where you can access your account information.

7) How does Sherman Wealth protect my account assets?
All assets are held in a custodial account at Pershing and/or NFS. Sherman Wealth does not have access to money left in these accounts.

8) What would happen to my account if Sherman Wealth was acquired by another financial firm?
All assets would be transferred over to the new firm, and each client would be notified of this change.

9) How often do you rebalance my portfolio?
Generally Sherman Wealth rebalances portfolios annually. This helps to preserve a proper asset allocation within an account, while minimizing the clients tax burden. In some rare cases Brad may recommend doing a quarterly rebalancing.

10) Will you be able to work with my accountant and attorney?
Yes! Brad will be glad to speak with your accountant and/or your attorney to discuss how Sherman Wealth’s services may fit into your broader financial plan.

11) What information do you need from me to get started?
To get started simply fill out our New Client Questionnaire, or give Brad a call directly.

12) How do you specialize in working with Gen Y or the Millennial generation?
While many financial planners have strict minimums for account sizes, Sherman Wealth works with a wide variety of clients. Brad Sherman understands that many millennials, who are just getting started in their careers may not have access to the same information or resources that many of their older counterparts do. He wants to ensure that these investors have access to sound financial advice so that they can make informed decisions.