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Interested in investing to build wealth? The stock market can be thrilling during bull markets and nerve wracking during deep recessions, but we at Sherman Wealth Management are here to guide you along the way. The key to successful investing is not to act on greed or fear, but rather to establish a sound and steady investment strategy aligned to your risk tolerance despite Wall Street hype and media noise.

When you partner with Sherman Wealth Management, we create an investment strategy that considers how comfortable you are with risk. Whether you’re an aggressive investor who wants to participate in both the upside and downside volatility of the stock market, or you want to stay on the conservative side and protect your money at the cost of fully capturing the rewards of a bull market, we’ll create a customized investment strategy specifically tailored to your preferred level of risk to help you remain confident despite the ups and downs of the market.

Are you a risk taker or a conservative investor? Find out your risk number by taking our investment risk analysis.

Entrepreneurs: Separate Biz and Personal Finances

This article appeared on Investopedia.com on May 17, 2018 As an entrepreneur, you would likely do anything to ensure your business is successful. For some, this means pouring a large portion of their money into their business. However, investing all of your time and money into your business can create an unhealthy financial balance in your […]

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Teaching Children Financial Responsibility: Start Early

Would it surprise you to know that students graduating from high school enter college with little to no knowledge about their finances, how to budget, or save for their futures? The problem has become so severe that 40% of these students wind up going into debt in order to fund their social lives and 70% […]

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Money in Cash? Make Sure you’re Getting the Best Rate

While the stock market has been steadily climbing for the past few years, a surprising number of people are keeping a surprising amount of money in cash. And while everyone is going to have a certain amount of cash allocation, what’s even more surprising is how many people are losing out on maximizing the interest […]

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Paying Hidden Costs Because your Broker’s not a Fiduciary?

Investors often choose big banks and investment firms over smaller financial advisors because they think the brand name and size makes the service and product offerings better. In actuality, it’s often the reverse. Unless your firm is a Fiduciary, chances are there are sales quotas and contests for the non fiduciary, “suitability” reps, who are […]

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Your Next-to-the-Last Will and Testament: Estate Planning When You’re Young

There was an excellent article in the WSJ last week about a topic most of us don’t really want to think about (but really need to:) how to prepare in case you die young. No one likes to think about dying and absolutely no one likes to think about the possibility of dying young. Lately […]

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