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Brad Sherman, President, Lead Financial Advisor

Brad founded Sherman Wealth Management because he believes that every client deserves the highest level of individualized attention, regardless of their age or the size of their financial profile.

“Every client of Sherman Wealth Management receives an individual plan based on the open lines of communication we have – we discuss everything in regard to the client’s present situation and future goals, and we create a plan that works,” noted Sherman.

Brad prides himself on being an advocate for his clients, providing a Fiduciary, fee-only service, designed to make clients feel comfortable with their investment choices and strategies.

Brad has appeared in many notable publications and media outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, Investopedia, CNBC, MarketWatch, Business Insider and more. He is also the co-host of Launch Financial, a weekly podcast.

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I’m building my career and possibly starting a family, and I need to get serious about my finances.

Thriving Professionals

I’m in the midst of my successful career and I want to be proactive in building wealth.


I’m closing in on retirement and I need a financial advisor who can provide guidance during this transition.

What Is Your Investment Style?

Interested in investing to build wealth? The stock market can be thrilling during bull markets and nerve wracking during deep recessions, but we at Sherman Wealth Management are here to guide you along the way. The key to successful investing is not to act on greed or fear, but rather to establish a sound and steady investment strategy aligned to your risk tolerance despite Wall Street hype and media noise.

When you partner with Sherman Wealth Management, we create an investment strategy that considers how comfortable you are with risk. Whether you’re an aggressive investor who wants to participate in both the upside and downside volatility of the stock market, or you want to stay on the conservative side and protect your money at the cost of fully capturing the rewards of a bull market, we’ll create a customized investment strategy specifically tailored to your preferred level of risk to help you remain confident despite the ups and downs of the market.

Are you a risk taker or a conservative investor? Find out your risk number by taking our investment risk analysis.

Be on the same team! Talking about and managing finances together

Money woes are the leading cause of divorce in American couples. Over ⅓ of people in the United States have stated that financial pressure was the biggest challenge their marriage has faced in the past, and ¼ of Americans have said most of their arguments are money-related. As a financial planner, I work with a […]

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What is an HSA and Why Is It Important

  You’ve likely heard that having an HSA can help you to lower the cost of your medical care – but studies have shown that only 17% of people enrolled in group health plans are using their HSA. And of the people who are using their HSA, only a few of them are contributing the […]

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Good Judge-ment Means Good Planning

Were you surprised to learn that Brett Kavanaugh, a Supreme Court justice nominee with an annual income of $247,000, could have racked up debt and saved so little for retirement?  A recent article in Vanity Fair reports that the Washington native accrued between $60,000 and $200,000 on three credit cards and a loan for Washington […]

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Introducing Beers with Brad

We have hosted two very successful Beers with Brad financial literacy seminars in Gaithersburg, Maryland at Launch Workplaces.  We’ve had terrific beer from great local breweries around Maryland. I think when you’re able to relax and have a beer, hear what everyone else is thinking about financially and truly see that you are not alone […]

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How Much Money Do You Actually Need in America?

In my line of business, we talk a lot about wealth management. The idea, of course, is that financial planners and wealth managers assist you in creating a road map for your money that helps you grow savings for lifestyle goals like retirement, purchasing a home, or sending your kids to the college of their […]

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