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Where are you in your journey?

Recent Grad

Recent Grad

I’m just starting out but want to benefit from smart planning and compounded interest to start building future wealth.

Young Professional

Young Professionals

I’m building my career and possibly starting a family, and I need to get serious about my finances.

Thriving Professional

Thriving Professionals

I’m in the midst of my successful career and I want to be proactive in building wealth.

Small Business Owner

Small Business Owners

I have a lot on my plate and need advice on business finances, tax brackets, benefits, and reinvesting into my business.

Marital Transition

Marital Transition

My marriage status has changed, or is about to change. I want to navigate this period with minimal stress and loss.



I’m close to retirement and need a financial advisor who can provide guidance during this transition.

Our Commitment to You

Brad Sherman founded Sherman Wealth Management because he believes that you deserve the highest level of individualized attention, regardless of your age or the size of your financial profile. We will work with you to formulate a holistic plan based on your current situation, life choices, and future goals: not a one-size-fits-all plan or an algorithm-driven plan, but a plan that works for you. As a fiduciary, fee-only, conflict-free advisory, we get no commissions for recommending certain funds: we are sworn to only recommend investment choices that work for you. And unlike the big investment firms that are more concerned about shareholder value than your value, our single goal is for you to feel comfortable about your investment choices and strategies, and confident about your future.



Financial Planning

Our holistic approach to financial planning incorporates all aspects of your financial life. We hold on-going conversations about the milestones you foresee for your life – marriage, children, career change, retirement – and we create strategies to help you prepare for every step of the way.


Employee 401(k) Plans

Sherman Wealth Management, makes it easier to offer and administer 401(k) plans. Our solution removes traditional friction points through a seamless plan design, automated onboarding, streamlined administration, and flexible investment strategies, all at competitive pricing.

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Investment Philosophy

Everything we do at Sherman Wealth Management is customized for you. That means your investment portfolio isn’t managed by computer software or some arbitrary demographic formula, but by experienced advisors who keep your individual needs, goals and risk tolerance in mind.

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What is your risk tolerance?

Interested in investing to build wealth? The stock market can be thrilling during bull markets and nerve-wracking during deep recessions, but we’re here to help guide you. The key to successful investing is to not act on greed or fear, but rather to establish a sound and steady investment strategy aligned to your risk tolerance, in spite of Wall Street hype and media noise.

Ask about our tech!

We pride ourselves on our ability to incorporate some of the top planning and investment software in the industry. From tax optimization to risk tolerance, our services offer high-quality insights to make your financial goals more attainable and transparent. All of our services are intertwined with each other, which allows us to provide a full, comprehensive plan for you.