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Brad’s Daily Reads

Looking for quick reads to stay up-to-date on the latest happenings in the investing world? Wanting more unique insight on how to reach your financial goals? You’ve come to the right place! Each day we send out a handful of articles that help educate our clients and keep them knowledgeable on the news and various tips.

Daily Reads 5/20/2019

Happy, Monday everyone. Starting off this week we get the latest update on the impact of the trade war with China, and how that’s impacting global supply chains. New data shows college grads can expect their first career move to be more challenging than they anticipate. We gain insights into the significance of the domestic […]

Daily Reads 5/17/2019

Happy Friday, everyone. To end the week, we learn that the stock market is anticipating a flurry of IPOs. Young entrepreneurs and workers are proving to be out of touch of what it takes to run a business. New data shows that millennials are falling behind on their credit card payments. Retirees regret claiming social […]

Daily Reads 5/16/2019

Hi everyone, for this Thursday we learn about developments with the “Retirement Security and Savings Act”, and what it means for your retirement. China has made its largest cut in U.S. debt holdings. Learn how American Express is acquiring CRM “Resy”, and their plans for utilizing the platform with customers. Gain some personal finance hacks […]

Daily Reads 5/15/2019

Hi, everyone. Mid-week we’re seeing what the outcome might mean for key consumer items in the wake of the China trade war. We see that retail sales declined in April. We learn what it’s like being a “quant” trader. And we gain insights from compelling studies that show that 62% of millennials live paycheck to […]

Daily Reads 5/14/2019

Hi, everyone. For Tuesday, we look back at Uber’s evaluation from 2018 to contrast if from its IPO to see how they might have missed the mark on the full potential of an IPO. The Supreme Court rules against Apple Inc in a case that put into question the 30% markup Apple charges to users […]

Daily Reads 5/13/2019

Hi, everyone. Starting off the week of May 13th, we hear the latest observations about the U.S. and China trade relations. We gain insights as to what the abandonment of protection regulations mean for the long-term financial health of individuals. We take a closer look at the leadup to Uber’s IPO, and what this says […]

Daily Reads 5/10/2019

Happy Friday, everyone. Big news for beer drinkers, Dogfish Head and The Boston Beer Company are merging. We gan insights as to why the scale and impact of Facebook may be a problem for us all. TurboTax gets caught lying to their customers about their services and the associated costs. U.S. tariffs on China jump […]

Daily Reads 5/09/2019

Hi, everyone. In today’s news, we learn about the culture of semiretired youth. What does the weakest bond auction in a decade mean for our economy? A study shows that 68% of millennials prefer credit cards with benefits. ‘American Ninja Warrior’ host talks about the virtues of living within your means. And learn what the […]