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Daily Reads 9/6/2019

Happy Friday, everyone. With all the concerns about the economy lately, we look at the slowdown of job growth to see how economic woes are impacting Americans. With the summer vacation season behind us, we look at a survey that shows how many families over-spent this summer, and why they did. Like many Americans, IRS […]

Daily Reads 9/5/2019

Hi, everyone. Our thoughts are with those impacted by Dorian, and we check up on the status of the hurricane to see what to expect next. In trade, China and the U.S. have come to an agreement to meet in October to discuss the current state of their trade relationship. The trend of Americans increasingly […]

Daily Reads 9/4/2019

Hi, everyone. We’re starting off Wednesday looking at the troublesome state of negative interest rates are, and how this can impact our banking and credit systems. ETFs have seen growth for over a decade, and this has resulted in them becoming a focus for investment. Mortgage applications decreased last week by 3.1%, trending against expectations […]

Daily Reads 9/03/2019

Hi, everyone. We hope you had a great Labor Day weekend. We wrap up the weekend looking at the economy’s performance. A contraction of manufacturing in the U.S. might be an indicator of bigger changes to come. With all the controversy over the U.S. trade war with China, what will be the cost to you […]

Daily Reads 8/30/2019

Hi, everyone. Ending the week we look at a new survey that shows younger make great gains in happiness with increased pay. We learn about LeBron James’ early short-term losses that ended up in long-term gains. Signs of climate change has Napa valley taking action. A new study finds that the historic boom in assets […]

Daily Reads 8/29/2019

Hi, everyone. We look at Amazon’s growing capacity and distribution. There’s a reason Warren Buffet is sitting on so much cash, and investors should pay attention. China is willing to calmly resolve the trade dispute with the United States. Hurricane Dorian on track for Florida after brushing Caribbean. And check out this app that makes […]

Daily Reads 8/28/2019

Hi, everyone. For Wednesday, we dive into personal finance, and look at the data behind age and income, and how this can inform your longterm planning. Amazon continues to cut prices at Whole Foods, dropping 2.5% on average. The rise of casual workplace culture has many opting for comfort over pay. Peloton files for IPO. […]

Daily Reads 8/27/2019

Hi, everyone. With notions of trade war and recession looming, see how risk tolerance can be managed in the current market climate. We take a close look at Elon Musk to see how his controversial business practices have impacted his companies and investors. KFC will soon be serving vegan fried chicken, in a move to […]