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Brad’s Daily Reads

Looking for quick reads to stay up-to-date on the latest happenings in the investing world? Wanting more unique insight on how to reach your financial goals? You’ve come to the right place! Each day we send out a handful of articles that help educate our clients and keep them knowledgeable on the news and various tips.

Daily Reads 7/22/2019

Hi, everyone. Big news this Monday as Equifax is poised to pay $700 million in U.S. data breach settlement. Teen culture is all about the new and trending, and it looks like sneakers are now the hot commodity. And though it may be summer, consider your holiday season travel with some helpful tips to save, […]

Daily Reads 7/18/2019

Hi, everyone. Today we’re looking at the stats coming out of the recent Amazon Prime Day, and the results show that they outperformed both their Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales – combined. Low-interest rates have shown to have driven consumer spending, boosting bank earnings at JPMorgan, Well Fargo, and Citigroup. With the anticipated rate […]

Daily Reads 7/17/2019

Hi, everyone. Big news concerning the CFP board’s postponement of the fiduciary standard, and what repercussion that will have. Take a look at these 5 cool economic charts that can help you better understand the current and complex economic environment. Families have a lot to consider when it comes to family wellbeing now and into […]

Daily Reads 7/16/2019

Hi everyone. Recent news out of the U.S. Treasury from Secretary Steve Mnuchin indicates that the Trump administration and congress are getting close to reaching a consensus on raising the U.S. debt ceiling. The recent lawsuit brought against Mariott for their deceptive pricing tactics has exposed a troublesome practice that has long been a part […]

Daily Reads 7/15/2019

Hi, everyone. It’s the start of the week and also Amazon Prime Day this July 15th, and customers this year have the added benefit of saving on purchases over the increased 48 hour savings period. The seemingly unstoppable Chinese economy is experiencing its lowest quarterly growth in 27 years, due to the ongoing trade tensions […]

Daily Reads 7/12/2019

Hi, everyone, and happy Friday. At the end of the week we look at Amazon’s $700 Million training pledge, and what that means for their employees. Trump comments on cryptocurrencies and how he believes Facebook should be required to have a charter for their Libra currency. Ted Benna, father of the 401(k) is helping small […]

Daily Reads 7/11/2019

Hi, everyone. For this Thursday we look at Fed Chairmen Powell’s recent testimony regarding global weakness in the economic outlook, and how this has impacted Treasury yields. In contrast, we look at the positive gains with the S&P 500 hitting a record high at 3,000. And for the freelancers working in the gig economy, we […]

Daily Reads 7/10/2019

Hi, everyone. It’s summertime, and as much as we like to focus on our next vacation, don’t forget to consider ways you can be saving this summer with our featured article on 6 tips for using tax-favored savings accounts. Recent news in real estate indicates the housing market is cooling after an intensive demand period. […]