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Investment Management Services for your Financial Portfolio

Custom Financial Portfolio

While many companies only offer “one-size-fits-all” solutions that only take into account your age and income, we consider many factors that make you unique when we formulate a balanced and customized financial plan for your financial portfolio, including these six Unique Factors:

  • Your risk preference (conservative, moderate or high risk)
  • Your projected earning potential over the next 5 to 10 years
  • A potential career shift or job move
  • Your marital status/presence or plans for children
  • Your current financial resources
  • Your personal goals and dreams

What is a Custom Investment Financial Portfolio?

Life is often a balancing act. Finding and adjusting for the right balance between return and risk in your investment portfolio’s asset allocation helps you pursue your short-term and long-term financial goals.

A Custom Investment Portfolio is a carefully selected collection of assets that is specifically designed to reflect your risk tolerance in a specific time frame to optimize your investment goals. That financial portfolio is built by selecting combinations of assets that exhibit different risk/reward characteristics. The three main asset classes or securities are stocks, bonds and money market instruments. Real Estate and Commodities may also be an appropriate asset for some investment portfolios.

Why is Custom Investment Portfolio Construction Important?

It is important to spread your financial assets across multiple asset classes, such as stocks, bonds, cash and non-traditional assets. It is also critical to periodically rebalance your asset allocation to capitalize on changing markets, economic conditions, and your own life changes to help protect your assets.

What Are the Benefits of Working With Sherman Wealth?

  1. A willingness to invest the time to select the right portfolio balance. We believe each client deserves the highest level of respect and individualized care, regardless of the size of their financial profile. We focus on building lasting and transparent relationships with every single client, while working closely to develop customized financial solutions that are tailored to each client’s unique vision of the future.
  2. Experience performing hundreds of comprehensive investment analyses. Prior to founding Sherman Wealth Management, Brad Sherman built customized models for Equity Planning Institute, a boutique financial planning firm, and was a successful VP of Residential Mortgage at Nationwide Mortgage Services.
  3. Deep expertise in finance and economic models. Brad Sherman has an M.S. in Finance from American University, a B.S. in International Economics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and over a decade of experience in financial services and has obtained both the Series 7 & 66 securities licenses. Availability. Brad Sherman is a hands-on advisor, always available for phone meetings, or in-person meetings with his Washington and Baltimore area clients.
  4. Access to your portfolio results. We provide you with the tools to continuously monitor your financial portfolio online, as well as easy access to Brad Sherman, to ensure that your financial portfolio remains on target to meet your financial goals.
  5. A unique understanding of the needs of Millennials and Generation Y investors.  

Your situation is unique, which is why we work with you to create a unique, customized financial plan.

How Do I Get Started?

Make an appointment to speak with an experienced financial professional at Sherman Wealth today by calling 240-428-1622.

Make the most of your free consultation by:

  • Having your checking account balance, savings, and 401K account investment figures handy
  • Giving some thought to your financial goals
  • Reviewing your 6 Unique Factors (marital status, career status, plans for children, current financial resources, earning potential, and goals)

Don’t wait another day: get started planning for the financial future you want.