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fee-only fiduciary financial advisor

Fee-Only Fiduciary Financial Advisor

At Sherman Wealth Management, we are passionate believers that you should receive only the best, conflict-free advice we can give you. That’s why we are a fee-only, fiduciary RIA.

  • FEE-ONLY means that we are paid exclusively by our clients, so we are conflict-free. We do not get commissions from the investments or products we recommend. We do not get bonuses based on how many clients we get to invest in company products. We are paid a monthly fee by our clients, who retain us because we are making their money work for them, and them alone.
  • FIDUCIARY means that we have taken a pledge to always act in our clients’ best interests by only recommending the investments, products, and instruments that are the most advantageous for them. Non-fiduciaries are only required to make recommendations that are “suitable” for their clients. As Fiduciaries, we make recommendations that are the most suitable for our clients.
  • RIA means that we are a Registered Investment Advisory, unaffiliated with any companies or products that are potential conflicts-of-interest, and sworn to the Fiduciary Standard. We work for you, and no one else.

Think of it this way: would you want to work with an accountant who also gets commissions from the IRS? Of course not. You want your accountant to represent your best interests. Would you go to a doctor who makes money each time he prescribes penicillin? No, you want your doctor to prescribe what is right for you.  A fee-only financial advisor ensures you get the best personalized service that fits your individual needs.

That’s why you should work with a conflict-free, fee-only fiduciary advisor: we only work for you!

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