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Fee Based Financial PlanningFee Based Financial Planning

It is no secret how complicated the financial industry has become. With many layers, the financial system can leave small investors caught up in a web of financial planning fees that undermine their ability to effectively manage their wealth. For the average investor, going through several layers of inter-office management just to achieve minimum levels of diversification, can sometimes mean getting charged fees at each stage. Whether you are exposed to up-front charges, back-end fees, expense ratios, and/or a percentage of returns to your portfolio, these charges are obstructing your returns. And the less you know about these hidden fees, the more likely you are overpaying.  We believe that fee based financial planning should be straight forward without these hidden fees.

Our approach is to seek affordable financial instruments with clearly specified fees. We want you to know exactly what you are paying for. Because we believe your trust and understanding are at the heart of our mutual success, we are committed to providing you with honest, accurate fee information.  Our straight forward fee based financial planning will let you know exactly what you are getting without the question marks.

Our Efficient Structure For Financial Planning Fees

We take pride in efficiently managing your portfolio while charging affordable fees. As your advocate, we won’t encourage you to invest in unnecessary, expensive financial instruments. You can rest assured that the returns you earn are staying in your portfolio, producing a better total return for you.

Come talk to us today about how we can put our personalized, fee-conscious approach to work for your money.