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What is A Financial Plan?

A Financial Plan is a roadmap that helps you reach major milestones in your life – like college, a first home, starting a business, your children’s education, and retirement – as well as helping your create the lifestyle you want, whether it’s buying a new car or taking a dream vacation.

A detailed financial plan brings all the pieces of your financial life together including:

• Your monthly expense budget
• Your budget for taxes and insurance needs
• Your monthly savings target
• Your plan for larger purchases like homes, cars and vacations
• Your plan for educational funding
• Your plan for retirement

Why are Financial Planning Services Important?

Attempting to manage your financial future without a thorough evaluation of your current situation, and current and projected cash flow & asset values, and your financial goals would be like setting out on a trip without a map, a speedometer, a gas gauge, and the name of your destination.

Some important benefits of developing a Financial Plan are:

• Understanding what you need to earn in order to meet your regular monthly expenditures and what you will owe in year-end taxes.
• Increasing your cash flow by carefully monitoring – then reallocating – your spending patterns.
• Improving your – or your family’s – security by devoting the right amount of resources to insurance in the event of an emergency.
• Allowing you to make better decisions and improve the control you have over your life.

The Advantages of Using a Financial Planner

A professional financial advisor focuses on your unique situation and goals. A skilled financial advisor will help you navigate the often-overwhelming amount of wealth solutions and financial tools available, customize a plan, and make recommendations that are right for your specific needs and goals. A good financial advisor will suggest investment solutions and strategies that are relevant to you, saving you time and helping to your grow your wealth in a way that works for your timeline and lifestyle.

Establishing a relationship with a financial advisor you can trust is not only important for creating a customized and goal-oriented financial plan, but critical to being able to act quickly, and strategically, as your situation evolves and changes

Financial Planning Services for Millennials and Generation Y

Younger investors are at a different stage in their life than those nearing retirement and have unique and exciting goals. At Sherman Wealth Management, we understand that a good financial plan balances saving for future life milestones with creating the life you want now. And we’ll help you consider ways to maximize returns on the money you’re already saving to help insure that your wealth will outpace inflation.

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