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For those close to retirement, preparation and planning are essential in figuring out when to retire, or whether there is a need to work longer in order to provide for a dream lifestyle. Most people are primarily worried about maintaining the wealth they’ve built after retirement or selling a business. In order to do these things, we assist in creating a plan that allows you to keep your lifestyle, relieve tax burdens, and leave behind a legacy for future generations.

No matter the situation…

Having a secure financial plan isn’t simply for those that have a lot of money or those that already have a solid understanding of their daily financial needs and retirement goals. Financial planners are also a great source for people who have no clue as to what is going on with their finances and are don’t have a plan in general. Planners give unbiased, professionally-trained advice. Further, they can provide tips and strategies (especially when it comes to taxes!) that you might not have known about. Each financial advisor has their own style and core beliefs, so please do your due diligence to determine which one is the best fit for the specific needs of you and your family. You visit your doctor to make sure that you are as healthy as possible… why wouldn’t you go to a financial advisor to keep your finances healthy as well?

“How much do I need?”

In order to ensure you’ll have enough money to live on during your retirement, the first step is to figure out how much capital you will actually need. However, this can be a very confusing process. Why? Because there are a plethora of different theories and formulas. Obviously, one of the more important questions to ask yourself is “How much money I want to spend?”. At Sherman Wealth Management, we use state-of-the-art technology to help with building a plan that allows you to live the life you’ve always dreamed of during your retirement.

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Planning isn’t just for the “wealthy”…

Almost half of Americans without a well-established financial plan say they don’t have one due to the fact that they don’t believe they have enough assets to make it worthwhile. On top of that, another 20% say they’ve simply never considered looking to getting a plan, and 23% claim they even know how to go about doing so. The myth that financial planning and wealth management are only for the uber-wealthy is a very large (and unfortunate) misconception among our community and one that can be very damaging over the long-term.

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A disciplined approach…

I think most would agree that a large piece of success in any facet of life comes from having a structured plan. So why wouldn’t you do the same for your retirement income strategy? For most people, it is better for them to have a concrete plan when it comes to their finances and future goals. This type of plan helps decide what part of your money you are going to spend first in retirement, what accounts can be left alone until later, and what (if anything) you plan to pass on to family members.

Work with us…

For your entire life, you’ve worked hard, you’ve been smart with your financial obligations and are now looking toward your well-deserved retirement. You have a good sense of the performance of your assets, but you’re a looking for some added guidance. Or, as we see very often, you aren’t on top of your finances and are now feeling the need to play catch-up. You may have a fear that you haven’t saved enough to get you through. In reality, both of these situations are ideal for meeting with a financial advisor.