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We’ve built our business differently. We want you to get good-quality financial advice at a price that makes sense. That’s why we don’t require investment minimums or routine maintenance fees common to other firms, and as a fee-only registered investment advisory firm, we don’t receive commissions. Instead, we charge solely by a percentage of the assets we manage for you. As fiduciaries, we are legally bound to place your interests ahead of our own. That means you can be confident that our advice really is conflict-free and intended for your benefit.

It can be hard to find good financial planning advice. You have multiple options when hiring someone, but all of those options can have big drawbacks:

You can hire a broker, but you’ll be subject to high commission costs that you don’t even realize you are paying.

You can higher an advisor who offers advice on monthly retainer fee, but those expenses add up and the money being spent on those fees could go towards savings.

You can hire someone to create a one-time plan, but then you have no one to help you implement your plan or hold you accountable.

You can hire an expensive wealth management firm that will offer the same advice we do, but the high fees aren’t suitable for everyone.

Everything we do at Sherman Wealth Management is customized for you. That means your investment portfolio isn’t managed by computer software or some arbitrary demographic formula, but by experienced advisors who keep your individual needs, goals and risk tolerance in mind. To minimize fees, we incorporate low-cost ETFs (exchange-traded funds) and DFA (Dimensional Fund Advisors) strategies into our process.

Ultimately, we want a relationship with you. Some firms will run your plan through financial software and then check back with you in six months. We understand that real life doesn’t work like that. Whether you need a detailed financial plan or just some financial advice to help you make an important decision, we are here help. And because we understand that your life is busy, we use technology strategically, making it easy for you to start working with us and tracking your progress in the years to come. Bettering your life is what we are about.

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