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What is Retirement Planning?

What is Financial PlanningIt’s more than just saving money for your so called “golden” years.  While having enough money to live on when you retire is generally the main goal,  there are other considerations to keep in mind. When will you stop working?  Where will you live? And perhaps most importantly HOW will you  live?. Once your earning years are over, you’ll need enough income or other assets  to support your lifestyle.

Similar to overall Financial Planning, Retirement Planning can be thought of as a road map, guiding you towards your destination of a secure retirement. There may be stops and detours as the years go by, and some may require adjustments to your plan. But as long as you have a plan in place and follow it, your goals can be reached.

Whether retirement is many years off, or just around the corner, we want to help you to arrive at your financial destination, by realizing your goal of a secure retirement.

Why is Retirement Planning Important?
A study by Fidelity Investments found that 57 percent of retirees wish they had done more retirement planning before leaving the workplace. Relying on Social Security  to provide anything more than the bare minimum of financial assistance isn’t realistic. And the sad reality is, by the time you reach retirement age, Social Security benefits may be a thing of the past. Even private pension plans and defined benefit plans offered by employers are subject to  failure. There are no guarantees. That’s why it’s important that you have a plan in place now that YOU control. Get in the habit of not only saving for your future, but becoming involved in your investment choices. Doing nothing to plan for retirement is not an option, and early retirement planning is more important than ever,  A secure future may depend on the choices you make today. And while  it’s never too early to plan for retirement, it’s also never too late.

How does Sherman Wealth provide Retirement Planning Services?
Wise investing involves the proper evaluation  and selection of  available options while taking into account individual objectives and tolerance for risk. Retirement today means different things to different people, and by learning about your individual needs and current situation,  we’ll provide you with  retirement planning options that will offer you improved confidence – by developing a custom financial portfolio tailored to your specific goals and risk tolerance. As registered financial advisors,  we’ll show you  retirement planning solutions based on your specific investment objectives. We’ll help you to get started, and to stay on track, allowing you to take control of your future.  

Who does Sherman Wealth provide Retirement Planning for?
Whether you’re just starting to plan for retirement,  or you already have an established plan, we want to help you to reach your goals. No matter the size of your account.

We work with investors just like you every day, and we can help you to understand and choose the best methods and products available. Our goal is to provide you with exceptional  service with a  personal touch. Everyone benefits from financial planning for retirement, and we welcome all  investors.

Through professional guidance, education and access, we’ll help make planning for retirement an activity that you’ll be happy and eager to participate in.

You probably hear it  all time. SAVE for retirement. PLAN for your future. You get it. But real life can get in the way and no doubt you’re busy just trying to keep your head above water. Come and talk to us. We’ll show you ways to mitigate market risk,  utilizing investment strategies that you may never have considered.  We understand what you’re facing, and together we’ll come up with a workable plan.

What Differentiates Sherman Wealth’s Retirement Planning Services from the Competition?
We’re accessible. You’ll always find someone available to answer your questions, discuss the latest financial news, or just be a friendly voice. We’ll provide you with the  personalized, confidential guidance, education and support that you need to make wise investment decisions.

And it’s about relationships. Individual financial situations are a very personal matter. The same can be said for investing .  And when it comes to investing, each person  has different goals, risk tolerances, and experiences, We strive to build relationships by learning and understanding each  client’s specific needs.  Sometimes relationship building takes time. We’re willing to invest it.

When it come to Early Retirement Planning, Time is on Your Side.
Times have changed. Investing has changed. You don’t fit the same investor profile that perhaps your parents did back in the day, so why would you follow in their footsteps when it comes to investing?  Without a doubt  events in 2008 made it pretty clear that there had to be a better way. And there is.  Find out how you can plan for a successful retirement by creating your own investment profile and plan.  Check out our many financial calculators (see the power of compound interest here Retirement Planning Tools) to see how consistently  putting just a little bit extra aside NOW for your future retirement  can make a huge difference in the long run.   You’ll see that time really is on your side.

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