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What You Might Not Realize about Tax Refunds

March 2015
Spring is energizing. We’re feeling it and we hope you are too! We’ve set our clocks
forward and we’ve got lots of news to share that will help you move your goals forward as

    • This past month has been a strong one for the stock market, with the S&P reaching new all-time highs.
    • Take a look at our new blog posts on timely and important topics, especially this one about a smarter way to allocate for tax refunds.
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Now, more than ever, I am passionate about helping you plan for your future, with
strategies that are personalized, flexible, and focusing not only on your immediate needs,
but on your long term goals as well.

If you haven’t looked over your financial plan yet this year, please give me a call so we
can help ensure you’re on target for 2015!


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